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Pantaenius Personal Accident Insurance

An often overlooked area of insurance for yachts is the financial repercussions from accidents resulting in death or permanent disability.

Pantaenius Personal Accident Insurance covers you as the owner, the unpaid skipper, your unpaid crew, and your on-board guests. This policy covers accidents associated with use of your own yacht as well as with use of a chartered yacht. It also does not matter whether the accident happens at sea, in the port, or if the vessel is undergoing repairs.


Pantaenius Personal Accident Insurance Yacht

There are many advantages if you take out the Pantaenius Yacht Personal Accident insurance:

  • Water sport accidents: Pantaenius Yacht Personal Accident Insurance covers accidents with water sports equipment belonging to the yacht, e.g. the dinghy or jetski. 
  • Medical Emergencies: Pantaenius Yacht Personal Accident Insurance covers medical emergency costs and for returning the yacht. 
  • Sea Rescue: The cover reimburses expenses associated with sea rescue, salvage, search for missing, and transport of injured
  • Return transport: Pantaenius Yacht Personal Accident reimburses expenses associated with return transport of the yacht
  • Cosmetic repairs: Pantaenius Yacht Pesonal Accident covers cosmetic repairs as a result of an accident
  • Compensation: Pantaenius Yacht Personal Accident provides high financial limits in the event of Death or Permanent Disability.

Should you have further questions regarding the Pantaenius Yacht Personal Accident Insurance, please contact our sales team.

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